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Lorac PRO Palette Review~

Hey everybody, i’m back here with a review for you guys today. The Lorac PRO Palette has been the talk of the town lately in the beauty community and if you know me you know I get suckered into the hype reaaaaal quick. When I saw it I pretty much fell in love, and have been eyeing it ever since, contemplating whether it’d be worth the steep price (it retails for 55 dollars canadian). I wasn’t (and still am not) sure whether or not this was a limited edition palette, but I figured if it was that I might as well just get it because, well, it’s fucking perfect. Despite what the pictures may convey the palette is actually quite small, probably equal in length to the naked 1 palette from urban decay. It is, however, much thinner and therefore more lightweight, making it perfect for travel. The outside packaging is a matte black finish which i can already tell is gonna get grimy as hell with eyeshadow dust. 

The palette comes with Lorac’s “Behind the Scenes” eye primer, which I have yet to use, but seems similar in texture to something along the lines of urban decay’s primer potion (I mean, its all the same shit, really). And now, the inside of the palette in all it’s glory 

So you can probably see why I’ve had a huge makeup boner over this. If you’re like me and you love neutral eyeshadows THIS IS YOUR SHIT MAN. I have never come across a palette that is so well balanced with matte and shimmers, which is why I was automatically drawn to it. The 16 shades for 55 dollars works out to be roughly ~ $3.50 per eyeshadow, so if you look at it that way this palette is a fucking steal…(this is how I justify it to myself). The second picture demonstrates just how thin the palette is, which I really dig because of how compact it is. I love that I can just take this palette with me and not have to bring any other eyeshadows, which has been literally impossible for me to do until now. No palettes have more than like 2 fucking matte shades, and I’m sorry but no. Just no. As for the quality of the eyeshadows themselves, being someone who has never tried any lorac eyeshadows, I am EXTREMELY impressed. Particularly by the quality of the matte shades, which always seem to be difficult to formulate. They’re smooth and buttery but not too so soft that the colours blend away, these are obviously light swatches but you can built up the opacity with ease.

Top (‘mattes’): White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Esppresso, Black

Bottom (‘shimmers’): Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

I like that the names for the colours are pretty self explanatory lol it just makes it alot more common sense-icle. I’m especially excited about Pewter because it looks to be along the lines those Mac Satin Taupe kind of shades, which are my favourite colours to use on my eyes. All in all, I’m extremely happy with the purchase and while it did hurt a bit to actually pay for it I don’t regret it and would do it again in a heart beat (10/10 would repurchase lolz). Anyways that’s all for now folks, I’m gonna be doing ALOT of reviewing in the near future because I’ve gotten a bunch of new stuff that I’ve been trying out. 

Til next time, stay high fly and fucking beautiful betches xo

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LuxeBox~My first box and a review!

Am I the only person amused by the word box? Yeah? I figured.

Anyways, my birthday was in july, and my lovely best friend (who has been featured on this blog before) got me a luxebox subscription, which is pretty much the best gift ever if you’re beauty obsessed like me! When she purchased my subscription they had just made the switch over to quarterly boxes instead of monthly, which I admit is pretty fucking annoying honestly. But apparently they have set out to improve the quality of items in the box, and I did receive this as a gift so I am still happy to get the boxes! Just annoying that I have to wait longer in between. Anywho, my box arrived around the ~8th of september (not exactly sure what day it came), which is decent, and this month’s box was the “fall luxebox”. I saw some differences between what I got and what others got, and honestly I’m pretty happy with the things I got. I’ll insert a picture here of the box: 

the box came packaged very nicely, with a “satin” cloth placed at the bottom and all my goodies were accounted for. Here’s what the box included:

Goldwell “Just Smooth” Styling Milk: I got a 30 ml sample size of this product, which I think is quite generous. I have yet to try this product though, since I rarely use any styling products in my hair, so I can’t say much about the quality of it.

EYEKO Skinny Liquid Liner: This product came fullsized, and at a value of 18 dollars it pretty much covers the cost of the box and then some. I’m so inlove with this thing that I would totally repurchase it, even though I’m more of a gel liner type of girl. I’ve never tried a liquid liner that was so easy to work with yet SO BLACK (which has been a major issue for me) and lasted so long. My only qualm is that this product dries to a glossy finish, while I prefer a flatter, more matte finish for my liner. But it’s not that big of a deal, I can just set it with some black shadow and I’m good to go :)

China Glaze Nail Polish in “I’m Not Lion”: This polish is part of the Safari collection for fall from China Glaze. It is a Gold glitter with some silver/colourful iridescence to it. Looks like a gold disco ball! I really dig this colour as a pairing with nudes, and being a full sized product I obviously was super stoked, because I know other subscription boxes tend to send those measly sample size nail polishes (fuck that).

No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner: This was another full sized product which means count to 3 out of 5 of the products I received were infact full sized. That is AWESOME. Anyways this is a waxy-type clear lip liner meant to prevent feathering/bleeding of lip colours. A downer, however, is that mine must be broke or something because I can’t “turn” the product up (it has one of those twist applicators). It just stays in the same place! Sucks, but what can ya do. Not sure If I’m the only one with this issue. But it’s a nice product to have nonetheless in fall when the lip colours start to deepen up. 

Loose Button Exfoliating Pad: I’m assuming this is the extra in this month’s box. It was an exfoliating pad for the body and I honestly really enjoyed it however I wouldn’t say it was “built to last” and I feel like I may have to throw it away soon. It was still nice to receive however and I got some good use out of it, and will be looking to purchase something similiar soon, since I had no idea these things even existed (to be clear, it isn’t just a loofa. I wish I had taken an actual picture of it but if you google it you’ll be sure to find an image). 

I also recieved two packets of frederic fekkai “brilliant glossing” shampoo and conditioner, which I actually REALLY like and may look into buying in the future. 

All in all, I enjoyed receiving this box and the items I got were quite impressive. I’d say these types of things are best given as a gift to someone else or even yourself, if you’re into this sort of thing and like to try out new products. I look forward to my future boxes (lol) and will keep you posted! Til then, stay high fly and fucking beautiful guys. 

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NOTD + My Julep Maven Subscription!

Hey guys, it’s been a while, I know. Whatever. I just wanted to show ya’ll my nails of the day and talk to you about a new subscription box I just signed up for. But first, the nails. 

As a base I used Essence’s “Nude It!” nail polish, a neutral biege that is slightly darker than my skin tone. This formula is awesome, opaque in 2 coats and dries super quick. I know that essence has since changed their packaging and now costs 1.99 instead of the 99 cents I paid for this polish, but if the quality has remained the same I personally think it is worth it! (I cannot say for sure since I have not tried the polishes since they changed the packaging). The glitter on my pointer fingers is China Glaze’s “I’m Not Lion” from their Safari collection. I recieved this in my first luxebox, which I will talk about in the next post. The black I used was from American Apparel and is called “Hassid” (I dont know wtf that means or what it has to do with black but whatever). I used a paint brush for the random designs. All in all I’m digging this mani but I know I’ll get sick of it by tomorrow.

Next matter of business is my Julep Maven box subscription. Essentially, if you’ve never heard of it or any other monthly subscription box, every month Julep creates a customized box for you (based on a series of questions you answer when you sign up) full of nail goodies! Each box comes with atleast two polishes and usually you’ll get some sort of nail care product like a hand cream or top coat etc. The quiz categorized me as “boho chic” which I of course agree with, and thus reccomended to me the box that accompanied that. Heres the best part: for first timers, you get your first box for A FUCKING PENNY. That’s right folks, 1 cent. Free shipping for all julep mavens too, that includes orders from the julep online store (which mavens get 20 percent off of everything!!). With a deal like that, how could you pass it up? You can skip as many months as you like and there is no cancellation fee! You just have to call to cancel, which is a slight inconvenience but nothing to cry about. So, if you’re interested in trying Julep I suggest you do so while this offer stands! The coupon code I used to get my box for a penny was “COLOR2012”, and I’ll leave my refferal link here: HTTP://JULEP.COM/?R=24260579 in case anyone would like to use it! (***cough****cough****)

Anyways, as always stay high fly and fucking beautiful my friends.

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little update!

i feel like every time i post i’m apologizing for being a-wall! you know how it goes, school yada yada. anyways just thought I’d make a quick little post with a few things i’ve been feeling lately, show off some makeup, some tips. all that jazz. so let’s just get right into it. I’ve been really into wearing colour on my eyes lately. maybe because it’s spring (almost). anyways i’ve been flocking toward red ALOT lately. not sure why but i’m really digging that grungey, crack head look. juuuuust kidding. I just find the red really makes my brown eyes stand out. particularly, i’ve been loving a reddish/brown in the crease, pretty much with anything. just some examples: 

i’m making a stupid face but note the reddish colour in the crease. i also really love putting this colour under my bottom lashes because i feel like it makes my eyes pop! 

don’t mind my ugly frizzies!!!! anyways here i did something that was purple and smokey, i used a nyx pigment on the lids and that reddish colour in the crease to blend everything out. i also used mac frozen white pigment in the inner corners to play off of the blue tones in the purple buuut the camera doesn’t really pick up the glitter.

something i did for going out last weekend. i just think it goes with everything honestly lol it’s replaced soft brown as my blending colour, it’s just a step or two darker and warmer and i think it just looks really great with my dark, shit brown eyes.

I really like mixing the warmth of that colour with cooler tones. works great with greys. anyways on to the next thing i’ve been really into my nails lately. like REALLY into them. cannot even let them chip a little bit without taking it off completely and giving myself a fresh mani. it’s a problem. one i can deal with however. here’s just some of the colours i’ve been into for spring:

sorry for the weird photo but this is sally hansen hard as nails x-treme wear in pacific blue. not sure if the picture does it justice but it is a NEON BRIGHT blue that just looks electric on the nails. prettttty obsessed with this colour, esp considering the fact that it costs about 3 bucks. I’m really into this brand/formula of nail polish and i’ll be doing a review soon once i can some more colours! hehe

this is revlon whimsical. i looked for this for months and months and months and finally found one at my local walmart and just about died when i did. honestly…the pigmentation isn’t that great. i used essie’s borrow and blue underneath to get it to this opacity or else i would’ve probably needed about 10 coats (no exaggeration). none the less, it’s a cute polish for spring, using it the way i did makes it super easy and it’s pretty much an exact dupe for deborah lippman’s glitter in the air. for 6 dollars? i’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal

I posted this on my twitter a while back. neons and neutrals paired together are HUGE this spring. here i used essie’s st.tropez and knock out pout for the tips. i loved this and will be rocking it with different colours all spring/summer.

this is what i’m rocking today: china glaze’s kinetic candy. it’s from the electropop collection for spring 2012. essentially it’s a light, green based blue. i’m digging it.

~~~LITTLE TIP~~~ something i’ve picked up in the last 2 weeks of painting my nails like a maniac. if you’re like me, you’re impatient. you wanna paint your nails and be able to do whatever the fuck you want to after. welllll sometimes that leaves you with lots of little dents and prints in your nails. if you touch a nail that hasn’t completely dried yet, and smudge your mani don’t freak out!!!!!!! i found that if i IMMEDIATELY run my finger under some warm water, i can “flatten” out the little nick in my nail polish, at least enough so that if i put another coat on top it’ll glide over. just made sure its not hot/cold!!! has to be luke warm. 

aaaaand i’m spent. hope you enjoyed this little pow wow i’ll be back soon! and remember if you want to request anything video/blog post wise just holla at a playa :) til next time stay high, fly and fucking beautiful! 

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Is my voice super annoying? I don’t know, you tell me. Maybe because i had to listen to this video about eighty fucking times while editing. At any rate, this is my nail polish storage/collection in all it’s glory. ~~Im not bragging~~~ just so we get that out of the way. I enjoy watching videos like this so yaw, thought I’d share. If you’re not already subscribed to my youtube channel it would be awesome if you would(or else I’ll break your legs)!!!!!! No pressure or anything. stay high fly and fucking beautiful xo

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Leader’s Clinic Sheet Mask Review ~ I.P.L WHITELUX

helllooo my pretties. today I’m gonna be reviewing an asian sheet mask I got at pacific mall (if you’re from toronto you know whats good). I’d heard a lot about asian sheet masks and I’m all about my skin lately so when I saw these I had to try em. The one I got was for “whitening” which does NOT mean it made me paler or is supposed to make me whiter lol, basically it’s used to lighten up darkness/dark spots on the face and correct hyper pigmentation, which I do have. And dark spots? My under eyes were screaming out to me. Anyways this is what the packaging looks like: 

The back has some broken english instructions:

And thisssss is what it looks like outside of the packaging:

Personally, I find it rather frightening. And what a flattering angle of my face. I didn’t take a picture straight on of my face while i wore it … well because I look like a lunatic. But yeah essentially all it is is a sheet that has cut outs for your eyes and mouth, that has been soaked in a liquid (they used the word “essence” which I found to be fancy as fuck) that you apply onto clean skin. I washed my face, used a toner as directed and applied this thing to my face. Now….you might not want to do this with people over. Because you will look insane. Like you’re about to rob a bank. Anyways one thing I will say off the bat is that this stuff was pretty pricey here. Seven dollars for something you’re only going to use once seems a tad bit steep. I can only assume they’re cheaper in asia, and upon doing some research found some by other brands online for waaaay cheaper, so maybe I’ll order some other ones for future reviews. As far as how the product worked, I can honestly say I saw a significant difference in my skin. It just seemed over all brighter (esp under the eyes as I kept taking extra “essence” and putting it there), and clear even though this mask isn’t geared toward acne. They had a bunch of different masks though so I’m sure you could find one for your needs. All in all, I think this was a nice treat for my skin but for the price it’s not something I would get regularly, despite being happy with the results. If you’ve ever used one of these masks (by this brand or another) I’d like to hear your take on it! Hope this was helpful and until next time, stay high fly and fucking beautiful xo